FREEDOM -- authentic -- RAW DUTCH DESIGN -- honest -- QUIRKY -- distinctive -- DRIVING ART OBJECT -- quality -- HANDMADE -- uncompromising technique/based on high quality materials -- STATE OF THE ART -- luxury -- PAMPER YOURSELF -- the best things in life -- REFINED DESIGN -- recognizable signature by the Designer -- UNIQUE FINISH -- Award winning Designer -- PROFESSIONAL AND PERSONAL -- no weird frills and unnecessary fuss -- USER FRIENDLY -- focused on the owner's posture and lifestyle -- MINIMALIST DESIGN -- admiring looks of the connoisseur -- STRIKING/UNOBTRUSIVE -- high end -- TIMELESS



With a background as a mechanical designer/manufacturer, an eye for detail, visual imagination, design skills and extensive experience with various manufacturing processes and materials I dare to think and work along unconventional lines, “Out of the Box”. And I know that often the only way to find out if something works is to actually make it. It may initially cost some brainstorming, the necessary research and time, but almost anything is possible.


Using experience and innovation I create a practical and creative balance between form and function that results in a motorcycle that is as unique as you, the rider himself.